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︎︎︎︎︎-  VOLKSKRANT


Concept: Anne Hofstra

Created with:
Willem Wits
Doke Pauwels

Coproduced by:
Fringe Festival Amsterdam


NPO Radio 1
Radio Veronica

We don’t know what it is like to be a chicken.

We sort of know what makes a chicken healthy and calm.

We know that a chicken has complex emotions, we know that a chicken has the cognitive ability to feel, show and recognize empathy.

We know that a chicken is smart.

But whether a chicken can wonder or enjoy art, we don't know.

Making man the center of the universe has not done much good for the planet and its non-human inhabitants - and is proving to be a bad idea for man himself as well. Clearly, we need to change our perspective and see not humans but the entire eco-system as the centerpiece. But such a perspective change is difficult.

Kip is my first try to start this perspective change. Can I create something that is for one different species?  What happens when I try? 

Research for the play was conducted at a six week residency at Buitenplaats Doornburgh

In KIP, we make an attempt to approach something human like a theater performance in an ecocentric way. The performance is not for humans, but for chickens. Can we learn in to look beyond humans?



In progress

What if universal languages are more universal than we think?

Diving into phonobiological agriculture, I aim to research why plants seem to benefit from listening to specific sounds and music.

We see music as a (human-centered) universal language. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or what music you have been exposed to - some musical patterns will have universal effects on the human listeners. 

But in the last years - we are starting to understand the effect of music in other species as well. What does this say about our roll as human beings? And what will change in our cultural relation to nature because of this?

Through artistic research and music I try to use the existing data on the effect of music on different species to re-evaluate our relationship to plants specifically.

Magnesium traveling through the plant in order to react to their surroundings.




︎︎︎︎- NRC
‘The Returned by director Ada Ozdogan, who came up with the concept and wrote the text with Anne Hofstra, is an amazing, wacky show.’

︎︎︎︎- Volkskrant
‘Director Ada Ozdogan, together with Anne Hofstra, wrote a cracking play centered around four sucky, cuddly, blowing anti-heroes that you immediately take to your heart.’

Concept & Director: Ada Ozdogan
Scenario: Anne Hofstra en Ada Ozdogan
Cast: Leandro Ceder, Rosa van Leeuwen, Imke Smit, Bram Walter
Dramaturgy Anne Hofstra
Scenography: Anne Claire de Breij, assistance Bas Vogelpoel
Costumes: Alexandra Vilcov
Lightdesign: Tim Van’t Hof
Assistent Director: Goosje Leeuwenstein

Photography: Bas de Brouwer


As a program developer for Mediamatic, I developed multiple projects with Mediamatic, Dutch Design Week, UVA, Museumnacht and more.


Penny for your thoughts


How to celebrate work in progress? Ideas that are not yet teinted by reailty. 
In Penny for your Thoughts we created a way to bridge the gap between the beginning of an idea and the moment that the idea is formed enough to apply for funding, or realise the project in another way.
Penny for Your Thoughts published and presented new ideas to bring together artist and public. 

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Japanse Duizendknoop Festival


Knotweed is a fast-growing plant known in Europe for its intrusive properties. What many do not know, however, is that this plant species has a host of positive properties. During the festival we explored how to live in harmony with this controversial plant.

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Museumnacht Duif

Mediamatic / Museumnacht Amsterdam

Celebrating the pigeon and finding ways to cohabitate our city more peacefully. 
How can we stop seeing the pigeon as an unwanted outsider? What can pigeons teach us about the way we design our world?

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Radical Imagining of Green and Just Futures

Mediamatic / UVA Faculty of Law

A limit on your energy consumption? A ban on cars? Or hamburgers for 100 euros?

We like to promise each other a "just and green transition" of the economy, addressing global warming in a "fair, equitable and inclusive" way. But we're still unsure what that actually means.

What are the ground rules, characteristics, values, infrastructures, institutions and forms of governance of a just world? How can we imagine it in a way that is inclusive and just for humans, plants, minerals, fungi and animals? To make the future better, we will have to practice imagining what it should look like.

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Inhuman Carnaval

Mediamatic / Natlab / Baltan /
Dutch Design Week.

People are just beginning to discover the richness of our planet's biodiversity, and with it the value of each individual species within our ecosystem. At the same time, this biodiversity is shrinking at a great rate.

How can we break out of our anthropocentric worldview and learn to feel more empathy for the other species on the planet? Can we train ourselves to see the world from a non-human perspective by wrapping ourselves in pink velvet and becoming the endangered pink velvet worm?

In this project we challenge artists, designers, make up artists, creators and audiences to dress up themselves and each other as the beautiful species that make up our ecosystem.

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